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Pratik is the easiest person you'll ever work with. I'm a big believer of supporting kind, talented people and Pratik is the kind of person I want to support as much as I can. His work speaks for itself and his speed and communication make the entire process as smooth as it could be. I'm pretty particular when it comes to my images and I'm extremely grateful for having someone as talented as Pratik in my workflow during the busy seasons!

Ben Sasso

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I prefer to handle my own images through the whole process. But when I can’t or don’t have time, there’s less than a handful of people that I trust with my images and first on that list is Pratik. Not only is he extremely talented, but he’s fast, professional and let’s be honest, a total badass.

Jeremy Cowart

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It takes a lot of trust to hand your images over to a retoucher - it’s part of your vision, your selling point, your eye. Pratik is professional, highly reliable and is 100% on board with helping you create YOUR vision - whether that’s working as a collaboration or handling the whole image.

Lara Jade

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I'm one of those weird photographers that learned how to shoot on film, therefore, Photoshop was something we weren't going to hear about for another 20 years. Since the digital explosion I will admit that the last thing I want to do as a photographer is sit at a monitor and spend hours retouching an image. However, that doesn't mean that I don't want my images to look the best they can.

That's where someone like Pratik Naik comes into your life (or workflow if you want to be less dramatic) and you, as a photographer, can return to the glory days of actually focusing on taking outstanding images because you know your retoucher is going to take care of the rest.

Pratik is not only incredibly good, he's incredibly fast. He's easy to communicate with. He doesn't argue if you point something out that needs to be "fixed" ( you don't know how many retouchers have said, "Really, I don't see it...”), and last but certainly not least, he's actually nice. Like really, really nice. That's a digital combo that's pretty much non-exisitent. Talented, Fast, Fastidious and Nice. It's pretty much a win-win with Pratik.

Melissa Rodwell

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