TIMELESS I’ve been fortunate for be a retoucher in the industry for over a decade and my passionate is still strong! I can definitely say it is a life calling and one I wanted to do a project to celebrate that! I am unusually passionate about it.

What I love most is the traditional healing, cloning, and meticulous dodge and burn work. Even one day if and when retouching becomes automated by A.I., I will still retouch for fun because I find peace in the process. I enter into flow-state through it and many other ideas are born when my mind is in this space.

I feel completely free and I want that abundance of joy to show in my work. So retouching isn’t just a passion, but a necessity!

What is the TIMELESS project about?

Usually with jobs, we are under budget, time constraints, and often the images aren’t of our choosing. I still love retouching even as a hobby in between the ventures I help run. So what if I could retouch without any limitations of budget or time at all and I get to pick the images I want to work on? The results would show just what my true identity is as a retoucher!

Free Retouching: Send me your images!

If you want to contribute to my addiction, you can send me your images here: (LINK) The images are from photographers who volunteer their raw files so this is at no cost to you! I work on the ones I like when I have the time. They are completely free as well!

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