1) The Images

I need to see the images to give a quote. You may send jpgs or raw files to Dropbox or your preferred method is perfectly fine as well. 

2) Notes

Aside from the skin work, please send me an idea of what you like done.

This can be in the form of text, where you tell me what you want for each image. Or, you can write on top of a jpg copy of each image and send it to me. For Example, what items do you want removed or cleaned up? Do you need any liquifying, attention to a particular area, or any wrinkles/details to address for each image? 

We can execute anything, but communicating what you need is the key as everyone has their unique preferences so it's not assumed that we know what is needed. 

3) Your Preferred Process

Clients work in many ways. Tell us how you like to work!

Here are a couple of the most frequent and common methods:

1. Process the images and send us the tiff files to retouch. You can then color tone the images after or before the retouching if you plan to do so. This is usually the fastest method.

2. You can send us the raw files and we will process the images as is (making sure exposure/white balance is fine) and retouch them, sending you back the images in your preferred format. You can include xmp/eip files or reference files of how you want it processed.

**If you need color toning work or extensive processing work done, please let us know. It will be additional.

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