Working in the industry for the past decade, I have been fortunate to not only work but also teach my techniques and knowledge. Here you will find some of my educational content that I have to offer. 


I made a completely new retouching education platform! The Retouching Series is for anyone, beginner or advanced user. 

It's a platform that gets constantly updated. It features quick tutorials on the most common problems. Students can upload their own issues and the platform will grow based on what people want! It also includes 15 fundamental videos going over the tools everyone should know. No matter if you're new or need advanced techniques for the most common issues, this is my platform and I want it to be yours too.

Check out this blog post regarding everything about the platform here: (About This Course)



If you're new to Photoshop and you want to know everything about what it does, this is the video I'd recommend. If you wan to know what each tool and panel does, I explain everything in detail in a way that is easy to understand. 

RGG EDU: (Course Link)


Infinite Color is an answer to a problem I've had for over 10 years. How can I make intricate and advanced color grading accessible to all, fun to use, fast to create, and easy to navigate? How can I help people steer every image to the destination that is truly influenced by their own personal preferences and brings out the photo's utmost potential? How can I connect the colors creatives want out of their image and easily bring it to life?

This is Infinite Color.

 This is a Photoshop extension that was dreamed up by me and developed in conjunction with legendary Conny Wallstrom over the course of many months. In short, it's a panel that works in Photoshop (Creative Cloud). It's a smart color grading tool that expertly randomizes a set of adjustment layers to create a unique look to your images. In length, it's a lot more than that. Be sure and see the video below to explore what it truly is about. Visit our site and watch the video to learn more! There's more videos on the website as well. 

Website: (Link

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